National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
July 31st through August 4, 2010
The Hilton Anaheim, California

Hispanic Heritage Month
Clinica La Fe

October 1, 2010
El Paso, Texas

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  The Crew

Cinematographer: Steve Lemieux-Jordan
Steve Lemieux-Jordan has led a multifaceted life and career that began in England, before moving on to France, and then the United States . From his hands-on apprenticeship in Chicago 's largest commercial photo laboratories, to founding his own video production company, to joint ownership of Evanston Photographic Studios - Steve's quest for excellence and cutting-edge technical expertise has been the hallmark of his entire life.

Still Photographer: Kathryn 'Katie' Haviland
Originally from Lakewood Ohio, Katie began her photographic training at Lakeland Community College in Mentor, Ohio and completed both her bachelors degree in photography and a Master's in Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia College in Chicago. She has spent time shooting abroad and has sold many images from her travels in numerous multi-artist shows.
Katie has spent the last decade or so in many different aspects of graphic design and is currently an adjunct instructor of photography and design at the International Academy of Design & Technology, Chicago.

Educational Consultants: Lourdes Torres, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies Program and Vincent de Paul Professor, Maria Oropeza PhD Candidate, University of Washington, Maria Cotera, PhD, Assistant Professor, Program in American Culture/Latino Studies, University of Michigan

Production Team: Evelyn Segura, Adriana Rivera, Maria Martinez, Pilar Ruiz, Eladio Mercado, Victor McCallin, Nicholas Roberson, Lily Lemieux Jordan, and Maddy McNear

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