National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
July 31st through August 4, 2010
The Hilton Anaheim, California

Hispanic Heritage Month
Clinica La Fe

October 1, 2010
El Paso, Texas

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The Poets

Maritza Nazario
Maritza was born in the countryside of a small town in Puerto Rico, surrounded by trees, streams and mountains. She was always regarded as the “Drama Queen” of the family. Not satisfied with her artistic accomplishments in Puerto Rico she came to Chicago to pursue her
dreams. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in theater and has extensive experience as a playwright, poet, actress and theatrical director. One of the many plays written by Nazario will premiere May 1st at De Paul University in Chicago. This musical/ theatrical piece, entitled “Gracias, Rafael”, is based on the life of famous Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernandez. Maritza is the executive director of En Las Tablas Performing Arts, a not-for-profit, performing arts community organization, in the Hermosa neighborhood in Chicago co-founded with Milka Ramirez. .

Milka Ramirez
Milka Ramírez was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Chicago’s Humboldt Park area in a family of twelve lively, loving and “Colorful” characters. She is employed with Chicago Public Schools as a School Social Worker in the Humboldt Park area. Milka holds a bachelor degree from Mundelein College and a Master of Social Work degree from Chicago State University. She is a doctoral student at the University of Illinois, Chicago-Jane Addams School of Social Work. Her research interest is in the area of Homophobia and she writes prose and poetry an act of political activism. She is co-founder of En Las Tablas Performing Arts in Hermosa Park.

Martha Cartagena
Martha Cartagena is a native of Puerto Rico, migrated to Chicagoland area with family during childhood; a Spanglish child raised within borders. Describes her self as a “ proud and out Lipstick Dyke with an insatiable passion for life, poetry, music, drumming and women.” Determined to dismantle the silences thru Spoken Word, “poetry and writing have become my outlet, my tool for re-birth.”

Alicia Tellez Vega
Alicia Tellez Vega is a Mexican raised on the southwest side of Chicago who uses her creative energy to express her sexuality, humanity, and sensuality through words and dramatic performance. As a professional advocating for the rights of child abuse victims, dramatic performance has provided her a constructive outlet to release the negative.

Evon Flores Barrera

Evon Flores Barrera, born and raised in Chicago’s Humboldt Park always knew she had a strong desire to express herself through writing and performing. Evon embraces her Afro-Taino roots and liberal sexuality which she passionately executes through the art of spoken word.

Maria Del Carmen Calderon
Maria Del Carmen Calderon was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico and works in social services. She began writing poetry nine years ago. The driving force that inspired her to write was capturing the multitude of life experiences, captivating unique moments in life and visualizing the beauty of our existence and connection to other beings and the earth.

Marixa Rojas
Marixa Rojas was born in Puerto Rico andraised in Chicago. She grew up in Humboldt Park within a small family, and being the middle child spent a lot of time being alone. She started writing in high school to fill the void. This in turn helped her to find the true joy expressing her inner feelings and the art of poetry. Through the support of the women of La Dulce Palabra she was able to conquer one of her fears, speaking in public. She can now share her one of her many creative sides, which is writing poetry.

Zorayda Ortiz
Zorayda Ortiz, an athlete Rugby player for Chicago North Shore Women’s rugby team has a degree is Biological Sciences with a Minor in Women’s Studies. She likes to play with words and the concept of manipulating words in a formal fashion. You can find aspects of Rugby, Science, and Politics in her poetry. Z is a Gardener and Entrepreneur when she’s not fighting the city’s implementation of the “Pink Line,” or daydreaming of a day when commuters get cash transfers back on C.T.A. buses

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